Bonjour !

In order to have vintage breath, I was up to the Champ de Mars. The place was very close to our hotel, so it was the jammiest happiness of the day 🙂  The market is open only saturday and sunday. I was really late for other markets to see afterwards because of the weather conditions. But still, there were enough to discover.. If you know the word enough is never enough for itself 😉

What you can find in the market; designer clothes, (hermes belts, bottle of ysl parfume from 1980s),  more fur, more books, more furniture and more from more… 🙂  New look is never new without an old one ! That’s why, vintage markets! Just a heaven for me! 🙂

Alternatively, I would have spend my valuable time in Champs Elysees with window shopping. But I prefer to show you the old fashion way of living.

The greatest perfect windows is always there, and will be.. And this is not surprising me anymore, but the old..

Sparkling not enough

Lafayette not enough

uPS. yOU ARE confusing.

Not enough!

Sparkling Lafayette !

Yes that’s enough ! 🙂